AMA with Harshad Fad, Community Manager Defy

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Harshad is a nice guy. He's passionate about working on impactful projects. He's building a community for a crypto exchange that aims at including everyone in the web 3 movement. He's also the founder of Incluspace, an initiative aiming at creating inclusive campuses.

He's a learner of web 3 these days and here to share his learnings with the community professionals who he believes are going to play a major role in decentralizing and democratizing the internet and everything on it.

Personally speaking, Harshad is one such community manager who is always smiling, amicable and has tonnes of knowledge around community building specifically into crypto space. @Harshad will be answering your questions this Wednesday (Dec 1, 2021) EOD on "Community and decentralization" Ask him anything around how communities will be spanning in the web3 era and how crypto communities are getting built.

Harshad Community managere defy

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