AMA with Gowardhan, community builder- Niche Marketers

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Gowardhan Doddi is a Mechanical Engineer turned Digital Marketer, he quit his successful career of 14 years which was rewarding him well to pursue his passion for marketing. He has learnt digital marketing by blogging since 2011, he could understand marketing concepts like SEO, UI/UX, Email Marketing, social media marketing, etc while building a community for Indian Diabetics.

Fast forward to 2020, when he shifted to Hyderabad and was working in a marketing role at an MNC, he could see that there was no good community for marketers and also the fact that digital marketing term is abused, i.e every second person he met at an event or a business gathering was a digital marketer.

He has started building a community called NicheMarketers to showcase credible marketers and also create a truly helpful marketing ecosystem for Freelance, Marketing Agencies, Marketing Professionals, and Business Owners too

Ask your questions in the comments below on anything around Niche Marketers community and Gowardhan will answer those for us on Wednesday in this thread. Come on let’s steal a bit of Gowardhan’s brain this Wednesday!😃

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