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Hi folks,

I am in love with C3 community space one of the reason is I have been building community for 14 years now, from Orkut to Facebook to community spaces for the brands, I have done it all.

Currently, I am leading Uppskill Digital Marketing Community at Facebook, which is a community of digital marketers in India.

I teach students the secrets of digital marketing in my company, and I have to build a framework to learn community as well, most probably I am the first to make such a framework in India in 2017.

The community gave me so much in my life and this is the way I am giving back to the communities to make them stronger and teach more and more people about how amazing building a community is.

In this AMA I am open to sharing my ideas revolving around the 2nd major part of the community which is content, the first one always is the people :).

So ask me about content issues in your community and I will be responding around it.

you can connect with me at




and if you are an Indian you can listen to our podcast on Spotify as well ( Indian because podcasts are in Hindi)

Podcast: Group Dynamics, social influence & Social Psychology in Online Communities Feat Paras Pundir

I am waiting for your questions

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