What is the toughest job in community operations?🤔

Created 8 mons ago
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Community operations is truly an operation heavy work, to make it more complex, most part of the operation involves interaction with the most complex machine in the whole universe, the humans! ... Complex enough right? 🤐

So as a community operator the toughest jobs that bites me hard are😖

  • Following up before an event

  • Sending endless Emails

  • Finding new activities to captivate members of the community.

Have you come across these challenges? Do you have tips and tricks to handle these? What is that one challenge that makes you go outta battery? 

I would love to know!!!!!! Let’s share what each of us go through, cause to just share things with people of the same kind would help greatly is what I believe. And I have started doing it, what about you?

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